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Though you intended to stay together forever, life sometimes provides surprises that alter the course of your life. There are a wide range of reasons why people choose to get divorced, and it can be an extremely tough time for both parties. Hettich Law Firm of Fargo is here to help guide you through this difficult period.

We'll do our best to provide answers to all of your questions, including details concerning spousal support, and whether or not a request is reasonable for your specific situation. I can help you with: Hettich Law Firm

  • Separation agreements
  • Property and debt valuation and division
  • Mediation representation
  • Dissolution of marriage
  • Judgment modifications and enforcement
  • Mediation and litigation

We'll Answer Your Questions

If you have questions about divorce, a lawyer can help give you answers. Many of my clients are concerned about the financial side, such as what they will pay in child support or spousal support. Some of my clients have already come to an agreement with their spouse, but those agreements need to be verified by the courts, and an experienced attorney can help.

I always tell my clients to bring in the list of items they have already determined in their divorce, and I can help determine if they are feasible given legal standards.

I can also help with questions of child support. This is one of the key concerns for many of my clients, and one of my priorities. Even when divorce happens, most people want to make their family life as normal as possible.

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