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When parents separate or get divorced, they are faced with the nearly impossible task of dealing with custody and visitation rights regarding their children. This process can be overwhelming and can cause a great deal of stress to both parties.

At Hettich Law Firm, I take the time to help you fully understand the entire process and will assist you in making informed decisions so you can do what's right for your child. Backed by my experience with a great number of families in this position, I do my best to come up with a reasonable solution that works for everyone.

I have worked with clients in Fargo and surrounding areas in North Dakota and Minnesota on custody agreements for 14 years.

Hettich Law FirmDetermining Child Custody

In a custody dispute, I will assist in negotiating the primary residential responsibility, parenting and visitation times for your child between both parents. The results of these discussions may also be altered as part of the initial divorce proceedings, and as a result of other life-changing circumstances.

There are many items to consider when it comes to custody. Among those concerns are:

While more people are opting for a "50-50" split of child custody, there is no guarantee you will get this arrangement. As an attorney I can look at your situation to help determine the best option for you and your children.

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