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Child support is a notoriously difficult area of family law. One reason for this is that the parent paying child support often feels as though their hard-earned money is going toward everything except for the needs of the child. For the receiving parent, however, it often seems that the amount of money coming in is never enough.

I have a history of giving families a proper understanding of the child support process, and working with parents to come up with creative solutions that make sense for everyone involved.

Hettich Law FirmAt Hettich Law Firm, I bring the experience necessary to help you make informed decisions surrounding divorce, as well as to answer questions concerning:

  • Minor children
  • Modifying or enforcing child support determination
  • Adjusting support for changes in income or family size

Sharing Parental Duties

Many of my clients come in with questions regarding shared custody. Often this has to do with physical custody and visitation, but it is also an important consideration for child support.

Many parents agree to share child support costs as they're able, but states have their own determinations for how child support is calculated. Both Minnesota and North Dakota have formulas that take a variety of financial concerns into account. This means that even if you have come to an agreement on your own, it still needs to go through the court system to ensure that it is legally binding. An experienced attorney can help with this process.

I can help you understand the child support process, and work to get you an agreement that is beneficial to you, and more importantly, your kids.

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